today is the day

Ahhhhh….my first post.

I am filled with excitement and trepidation, optimism and fuzzy clarity. I have always felt that people who write blogs have something important to say, and wish to share it with the world.  In turn, I felt that blogs were left to real writers and dreamers, neither which I consider myself. Yet here I am, taking the leap.

The “leap” is something that I am becoming more familiar with lately. Recognizing the power of limitations, those that I have unknowingly placed on myself and those that have been unceremoniously placed on me.  I’m breaking the chains that bind me and I am leading a life of wonder and possibility.

I look both ways, step cautiously out on the blogger’s edge, and then…soar.


2 thoughts on “today is the day

  1. Yvette, this is a BEAUTIFUL start! I’m proud of you for taking the “leap”.

    See you Wednesday.

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