language immersion

Most of the articles that I’ve read which discuss learning a language, especially as an adult, suggest that immersion is the way to go.  As I am far from Italy for now, I scour the web looking for sources to immerse myself in.

I found a website that lists television stations for multiple countries – – and I pick and choose a city depending on my mood. I’ve been watching (or rather listening to)  “Yes Italia”, which is more of a hodgepodge channel, showcasing cooking techniques, cultural exploration and the wonders of the animal kingdom.  It’s pretty PBS-like. But for a half-hour every morning it gives me what I want, which is constant Italian between the musical interludes. My ear picks out some of the words, and sometimes I can figure out what they are talking about without actually watching the screen. (buona!)

How do I refrain from translating the Italian words to English in my head? How can I just begin to understand the Italian words just as they are spoken? This is my true goal.  I am encouraged to discover that learning a second language as an adult is not a lost cause, and that adults have some advantages of learning a secondary language that children don’t. Usually, its the motivation to do so!

So I say to myself “buona suerte, signorina bella!” and keep it moving.


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