An outdoor seating area from ApartmentTherapy.com, Isabelle and Brandon's home

Are you kidding me? As I was driving to work, I saw a medium-sized truck pass by with the word “Poliform” on it. I immediately wondered what type of company it was, and then thought that it might be something related to furniture made out of polyester. I mean its such a odd name, right? Like very industrial-sounding, and seemingly very functional with no style.


I get to work and peruse the Apartment Therapy blog (since I have a latent desire for interior design) and come upon a small studio apartment designed by Paul — it is a beautiful work of art I must say. Geez! Anyway, at the end of his explanation of what inspired his design he goes on to say that he would love to have his whole house designed by…wait…for…it…

Poliform! Coinky-dink? I think so. Now I must look this company up, because if its anything like Paul’s apartment, its something that I would love. Not only is it a look that I enjoy (its how I’d want my future male best friend’s apartment to look like), but its also “made in Italy”! The company has lots of style, although not mine in particular, but it has very chic yet masculine lines.  Hey Universe, are you trying to tell me something? In the meantime, I will satisfy myself with the pic above of what my future outdoor dining area will look like…


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