…flying to Italia…soon come

….Ahhhh, such is life. I have been putting out into the ether my desire to return to Italia for a language immersion course and due to some foreseen circumstances (yes, I saw it coming a mile away), I was unable to go earlier this year. However, life happens as it does for a reason.

Since I am feverishly awaiting (creating?) an opportunity for me to learn, I tried to push this language trip into high gear and make it happen within this current month. I was so overwhelmed and stressed, and not sure if I could make it happen in the way I would have liked – but I was going to do my best.  All I kept seeing in my mind were my colleagues asking me “So where are you going? What’s your plan and where are you working next?”, and my reply “Oh, I’m not going to another job right away, I’m off to Italy again for a language immersion course, with the goal of becoming fluent.” Really??? Yep, really. This business we’re in isn’t for me anymore – it doesn’t float my boat, rock my socks, or give me goosebumps.  I’m getting out of it so that I can help people evolve into the person they’ve always dreamed of becoming – helping them visualize and create opportunities in their own lives, and not just the people who can pay for those services.  The first person I’m going to help is me! Yay opportunity!

So yes, I’ve postponed this trip until March-April-May 2012.  Somewhere around there I will be on a plane, anticipating my first class, my first apartment abroad, my first chance to live in a culture outside of my own for an extended period of time. I’ve already printed out my blank calendar for the months of the year starting with September 2011 so that I can fill in the timeline I’m creating to make this a reality. This is a more convenient way to plan a trip. Exciting!

In the meantime, I’m breaking open my old Italian cd’s, books, and listening to podcasts…. Ciao a tutti!


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