…blocking the intersection

I do not block the intersections when I am driving.

Or at least, I do my best not to block intersections. Sometimes people need to turn onto a street, and blocking the intersection impedes their progress. I find it interesting how many people block them all the time. I wonder what would happen if an emergency vehicle or fire truck needed to turn onto a street and it was blocked by absent-minded drivers.

Common driving courtesy is not a given here — these drivers are out for blood. While I do not consider myself above any of those who decide to drive selfishly (because I have been so on several occasions), the majority of my drive time is spent being generous to other drivers. I find it gives me peace of mind.

In a city where drivers tend to ignore the rules of the road and drive 50 in a 25 just to get ahead one car length, drive time can be anxiety-ridden. I’m evaluating ways to reduce my car stress, especially since I’m driving for two hours each work day.

However, it also makes me think about this situation on another level. If someone is blocking an intersection, aren’t they “blocking” their own lives in a way?  Our lives respond to the ebb and flow of our daily actions, and this situation seems no different.

Hey driver-up-ahead and to my left, I see your signal blinking, do you need to get in?


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