Month: October 2011

…my hair, my love

I think it might be a bit obscene how much I love my hair.

I used to love it back in the day, and then I moved out here and sorta fell out of love with it.  It was too dry, and every time I washed it, pieces would fall off into the drain. Broken off, unhappy pieces, that felt more at ease sliding down the drain than staying on my head. I thought I had a disease because so much of it would fall out. Well, I did have a disease — stress.

I thought that if only I could find the magical combination of products to put on my hair I would I fall in love with it again.  (Hello. My name is Signorinabella and I am a product junkie.) A little of this, a little spat of that — eventually I would discover what my hair thirsted for. I was envious of the women who could wash-n-go, because my hair did not meet my self-imposed standards when I attempted to wash-n-go.  According to the ‘scientists’, I had 4b/c hair, and my curls were t-i-g-h-t.  I didn’t want a mini-afro!!!

I watched the natural hair videos, perused pics of hairstyles, tried to emulate the ones that I thought would look good on me. I created a routine, and although somewhat tedious, it worked – for what it was worth. But one day, I stumbled upon a formula for a leave-in concoction — something I had come across previously over a year ago – and decided to take a chance on it.

Triumphant! Blow the horns! This formula blew my mind because it was so simple and so effective. I’ve been using it since April and for the record – ILOVEMYHAIR.  We’re not supposed to play in our hair, and luckily I wear a protective style daily so I really can’t play in it. However, when I wear my hair out periodically, I’m in it all the time! It really is a shame.  It’s so touchably soft, I can’t help it. My hair is getting felt up more than me, lol!

My hat is off to kimmaytube, for teaching us sistahs how to nourish and treat our hair well.