…sometimes i wonder

Today was such an odd day at work. There were so many people who said “hello” to me, as I was walking in the garage, taking the elevator, walking through a door. It was quite strange – especially since I was still wearing my sunglasses (with prescription)!

My work environment is, on the surface, quite a friendly place. Most people smile and acknowledge, and then will keep walking. But this morning, several people spoke to me without me even smiling at them first. Like there was a “speak-to-signorinabella-contest” going on that I had obviously not been made aware of.  Maybe they’ve seen me before and wanted to speak. Maybe they were feeling extra friendly. Maybe my outfit colored me more friendly than I was feeling at the time.

Stranger still, as I was leaving work I shared an elevator with a man who spoke as well. Then, as he departed the elevator on his floor, he told me to have a good night, and I replied “you too!” — then he added “you be safe out there”.  How peculiar – it was only 6:45p in the evening!!

People saying hello to me is not an odd occurrence. I think it was because I received three hellos from three different women who I’ve no regular contact with or look at all familiar to me at my work place, all within 5 minutes.  Three women who did not know each other – we just happened to converge on the elevator at the same time.  Maybe they saw The Help recently. Ha!

Still, it is very nice to be seen and acknowledged in a pleasant way. So…

HELLO! dear reader… have a wonderful day!


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