…on gratitude

Gratitude has been a ever-present aspect of my life. Some days I’m more grateful than others. I work on being grateful consistently, since it opens my world up in so many ways.

I was thinking about this when the Ryan Murphy/Kings of Leon twitter beef popped into my head. Ryan Murphy is co-creator of the television show Glee (I am a Gleek and proud!) and Kings of Leon are a rock group with some current mainstream hits. Supposedly Glee asked Kings for permission to use their music in the show and Kings immediately said no, supposedly because it was for a tv show, which to them is probably akin to having their music as background for a car commercial (yes, I’m looking at you, Black Keys, – just kidding, I still love you dearly). Somewhere along the line Ryan sent an insensitive tweet basically calling them out for refusing permission, which lead to the Kings replying with an equally insensitive tweet. Back and forth. According to the Kings, they had no idea about this show Glee, and really didn’t know how huge it had become.

However, I digress from the main point of this post. Gratitude. Instead of being lead by gratitude on the blessing of having a hit show, or having several hit songs, both parties’ egos sort of jumped in the fray and experienced a little beating. Ok, Kings of Leon don’t watch tv for a living, they practice and play and record music for a living. Not much for tv watching there.  But their music has a hit a note (pun intended) and is desired by many. Be grateful that people love your music, and be flattered that folks love it so much that they want to use it in a tv show.  Which might give it even more exposure — more exposure, more love for your music! And Ryan, you have a HIT show! I mean, how many shows currently on the air can say that? Maybe a handful? In the entire country. Blessings all around.

If Kings said no, so the heck what? There are so many more artists to chose from. Some that aren’t even well known but who have luscious material, ripe for Glee.  Now I enjoy a Kings song every now and again, but why choose to be offended? It’s not like you can’t ask again later. Puhlease.  Life is short and there is music aplenty.

Be grateful for your blessings. Be appreciative of all that you have. Choose not to entertain those that don’t fit into your vision. Stand your ground and realize that you have a



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