…choosing to be offended

Wayne Dyer is a wise man. I remember listening to him speak a while ago and he was sharing a bit of wisdom about being offended. That we ‘choose’ to be offended when confronted with a less-than-positive situation.

It is a tough pill to swallow.

I am of an age now that when slights happen to Black folk in the world at large, I choose not to get offended. I don’t attempt to lead some boycott or start a war.  I find that being offended is wasted energy. Black folks are always getting offended about some thing, some one or some action. I’m so offended! I can’t believe he/she said/they did that! RACIST!! Ok, now what?

I really wish for us to cease complaining and start doing. Using facebook or twitter to list some long diatribe of what is wrong about every little and big thing in this world is wasted energy. Note your dislike/distaste and make a change. You can acknowledge the negative, and then keep it moving. Don’t like the high prices at Saks? Don’t shop there.  Slighted by the pitiful customer service at a mom-and-pop? Spend your money elsewhere.  Choose to make a statement by actively supporting or purposefully ignoring a particular entity. One person CAN make a difference. But if half your day is spent twittering/facebooking your displeasure at the offense, then what happens except a minute piece of relief? And only relief on your part — how selfish is that? How does it change what you/we seem to think is so wrong? Ok, I’m probably just looking at this from a logical viewpoint, not from an emotional one – so my apologies if I have offended you. 😉

I am making a change. My goals in life have consistently been about making a change in my little corner of the Universe. I know that I can help make a difference. It may be a small difference in my world, but if enough people were proactive and  created their own small differences in their own little corners of the Universe, then in combination, these differences would make a tremendous impact.



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