…is it Christmas?

I am feeling less-than-Christmas-y this year.

Which is unusual for me, since I love the feel of this holiday — snow, fun gatherings, holiday-adorned sidewalks, shops blasting Christmas music on to the street as you walk by, ice rinks set up by the city, and of course, spiked egg nog.  Each year I have been getting less and less in to the spirit, and this year I’m not even excited about it. Nor have I turned on my Christmas music radio station for some joyful noise as I drive to and from work.

Wah Wah Wah

Maybe its the weather.

I’ve never felt like it was truly Christmas here — its a bit too warm, and there will never be the possibility of snow. While that’s great for some, growing up with snow days makes me yearn for them during this holiday season.

I’ve completed my Christmas shopping and packages have been mailed. I have thanked everyone who has sent me lovely cards and gifts – it is always nice to receive these! However, I’m still “ehhh” about the whole thing.  I’m sure I’ll snap out of it and turn on the tv yule log on Christmas eve and start dancing around my home, with a mug of homemade pumpkin spice latte in one hand and a Santa hat on my head.  I’ll get that in before I head to another party…


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