Month: January 2012

…flying to Italia…soon come (part 2)

Well, the time is now!

I have my ticket for Italy for March through May 2012.  YAY – I’m so excited!I am so excited that I’m freaking myself out.  I am volunteering on an organic farm for the first month and then going to Rome for a month of language courses. (!!!!!)

I’ve had this goal on my list for a while now, but shifted it into high gear last September.  I wrote out my short term goals each day, twice a day since then.  I wrote them so often I can repeat them back to you verbatim with the dates that I have set in mind.  I have also skipped days where I didn’t write a thing.  However, a good friend of mine suggested that I add on to my goals the words “or better” — so for example, instead of stating “I am moving to a brand new stylish apartment by 10/24/12”, I would say that “I am moving to a brand new stylish apartment or better by 10/24/12″.  Or I could adjust it to “I am moving to a brand new stylish apartment by 10/24/12 or better” – depends on where I want the emphasis of “better” to be.  But forget all that — I’m going to be living in Italy for

>>>>> TWO WHOLE MONTHS! <<<<<<<

Now I know that might not sound extraordinary, but it is.  This is my dream deferred, left over from my college days — to study abroad for a short stint.  I am a full grown adult, comfortably in my 30’s, and well on my way to making life happen. I’m breaking the rules and recreating them as I go along. I’m scared sh*tless but pushing through the fear.  What am I doing?!?! I’m doing me.


…life lesson #1…Do It Now

Ahhh, procrastination.

My least favorite habit, but my constant companion. It’s been a while and now its time to kick its ass.

Every day.

It is a challenge to reprogram this philosophy that has insidiously crept into my everyday vernacular — “Oh, I’ll do it tomorrow when I have more time, when I feel better, when the light falls just right” – yadda yadda and so on. Oh, but I get it done – I always do. By the skin of my teeth – that rush of adrenaline before the hammer drops.

I am not proud of this habit.  Isn’t the first step of addiction proclaiming that you have an addiction? Ok, so I must be addicted to it because its always lurking around.  I’ve been claiming that I am going to get a new kitchen table set for about a year now. So I can throw more intimate couple gatherings with brie, fig spread and a new wine I just discovered from Trader Joe’s.  Yep, its been over two years since I last proclaimed that, and my oversized kitchen table is looking quite pathetic since its

still.        sitting.       there.

Here’s how I am changing the status quo – every time I attempt to put off a task I don’t want to do, I yell to myself in my head

Then I get my ass up and do it immediately. It seems to be working. The old kitchen table better soak up its last days in the sun because I’m trekking to the monthly swap meet in search of its replacement. That’s in one week.