Month: March 2012

…no naptime today…finally

I am SO excited! Today I worked for 5 hours, had a large lunch, and did not want to immediately fall asleep in the bed. For the past week I’ve been taking a nice long nap after all that manual labor and today I did not need to.


I guess my body is getting used to the work – like I said, you betta watch out for me in a month!


…what do you see?

Here are some of the things I see when I’m out working:

Il cavallo si allontana
This is the entrance from a distance
The pathway from the house

This reminds me of the scene in Gladiator when the young son is running up the path looking for his father Maximus.  That was a great movie!

See these beautifully pruned olive trees? Yeah, I have to pick up all those lovely branches –  ehhh! Vai, vai, go away branches!

Here are some pinecones just sitting around outside the house. Not sure what they will be used for,  but I thought they looked pretty cool.

A beautiful bunch of flowers

I have no idea what type of flower this is,  but I can see it when I sit on the porch. Remember those? Porches? Where people sit? Anyway, I thought they were pretty so I snapped a pic.

I figure I should start paying attention to things around the farm since my run in with the trees and the loft ceiling, so there you go!

…la mia vita in l’azienda (my life on the farm)

For my month long stint on the farm, I am slowly becoming acclimated to the ways of working the land.  While this farm is not large compared to others, its still a massive amount of property in my eyes.

I’m working 5 hours a day, with breaks of course. My hours are distributed as I see fit. Unfortunately I’ve been approaching this farming thing like I do corporate work — when it shows up on my desk, I want to complete the task and get it off my desk.  Which means I’m tiring myself before I get the majority of my farm work done. Anyway, I’m figuring it out – learning tricks and shortcuts.

…raccogliendo rami di ulivo (picking olive branches)

Farm work is hard. I do not attempt to look cute while I’m working, but I do wear cute underwear while I’m doing it. I can barely wave hello since I know I will need to bend down to pick up branches right after the pic is done. But I’m doing it. My body will thank me in about a month.


…ouch…Pay Attention!

Ok, I’ve only been here for less than three days and I’ve probably knocked my head about 6 times already. Whether its the tree, or the low ceiling in the loft, my head has many more bruises than I would like.

Of course I am a paranoid hypochondriac, and would prefer that I not immediately get online to look up all the symptoms of a concussion, a brain bleed, a minor bump on the head. In the process of all that research I am wont to do in a situation like this, I came across the holistic reasons behind bruising different parts of the body. So the head means that I must ‘pay attention’. I didn’t realize that I wasn’t paying attention, so this is a bit unnerving.

uno dei molti alberi in azienda

Am I not paying enough attention to what I’m doing, where I’m doing it, or how I’m doing it? Or am I not paying enough attention to me? The whole point of this trip is for me to ‘know myself’, and I’m not sure that’s whats happening right now. Maybe that’s why I keep hitting my head. Maybe that’s why this is happening right at the start of my journey here.

…farming in Rome

Ahh, my first day on the farm.  I was so tired from my flight that I fell exhausted into the comfy bed made just for me.  I will need to be careful as the comfortable loft that I retire to at night has the steepest stairs and the lowest of ceilings.

Manual labor is hard work! Not that I expected it to be easy. But I am used to the least amount of walking, and the heaviest thing I pick up all day is my evening cup of chai. Making fire piles, raking, feeding the chickens — nope.  But I am so glad I’m doing it.

I’ve met the five dogs, many chickens, roosters, turkeys, ducks, and the two horses.  I have also met the many lizards/salamanders/creepy-quick-things running around this place.

Overall I feel like a long-lost family member stopping through for an extended stay. Immediately taken in, expected to assist with cooking and cleaning up, eating, pulling/putting away groceries, shooing the dogs away, to give my opinion, filled in on the goings-on in farm life to date. This is a wonderful thing.

By the way, no pics yet.  I forgot to bring my battery charger, and I have no idea when I will get to a store to purchase more. Oh well, such is life. You can’t remember everything…

Roma Awaits

I am a mere few hours away from jumping on a plane and curling up in my window seat for an extended nap…airplanes are like buses to me, I can easily fall asleep listening to the drone of the engine.

And since I’ve caught only a few hours sleep in the past 48 hours, my body is screaming at me to close my eyes and lie down. Can’t wait!

This is still a bit surreal to me. Even as I overstuff my luggage to the hilt (oh airline company, you actually might tell me that my bag is too heavy), I can’t believe that…

Roma awaits!

I’ll see you when I land…