…farming in Rome

Ahh, my first day on the farm.  I was so tired from my flight that I fell exhausted into the comfy bed made just for me.  I will need to be careful as the comfortable loft that I retire to at night has the steepest stairs and the lowest of ceilings.

Manual labor is hard work! Not that I expected it to be easy. But I am used to the least amount of walking, and the heaviest thing I pick up all day is my evening cup of chai. Making fire piles, raking, feeding the chickens — nope.  But I am so glad I’m doing it.

I’ve met the five dogs, many chickens, roosters, turkeys, ducks, and the two horses.  I have also met the many lizards/salamanders/creepy-quick-things running around this place.

Overall I feel like a long-lost family member stopping through for an extended stay. Immediately taken in, expected to assist with cooking and cleaning up, eating, pulling/putting away groceries, shooing the dogs away, to give my opinion, filled in on the goings-on in farm life to date. This is a wonderful thing.

By the way, no pics yet.  I forgot to bring my battery charger, and I have no idea when I will get to a store to purchase more. Oh well, such is life. You can’t remember everything…


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