…ouch…Pay Attention!

Ok, I’ve only been here for less than three days and I’ve probably knocked my head about 6 times already. Whether its the tree, or the low ceiling in the loft, my head has many more bruises than I would like.

Of course I am a paranoid hypochondriac, and would prefer that I not immediately get online to look up all the symptoms of a concussion, a brain bleed, a minor bump on the head. In the process of all that research I am wont to do in a situation like this, I came across the holistic reasons behind bruising different parts of the body. So the head means that I must ‘pay attention’. I didn’t realize that I wasn’t paying attention, so this is a bit unnerving.

uno dei molti alberi in azienda

Am I not paying enough attention to what I’m doing, where I’m doing it, or how I’m doing it? Or am I not paying enough attention to me? The whole point of this trip is for me to ‘know myself’, and I’m not sure that’s whats happening right now. Maybe that’s why I keep hitting my head. Maybe that’s why this is happening right at the start of my journey here.


2 thoughts on “…ouch…Pay Attention!

  1. ‘Pay attention,” is good advice for all of us, Yvette. Thanks! Or should I say, “Grazia.”

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