…la mia vita in l’azienda (my life on the farm)

For my month long stint on the farm, I am slowly becoming acclimated to the ways of working the land.  While this farm is not large compared to others, its still a massive amount of property in my eyes.

I’m working 5 hours a day, with breaks of course. My hours are distributed as I see fit. Unfortunately I’ve been approaching this farming thing like I do corporate work — when it shows up on my desk, I want to complete the task and get it off my desk.  Which means I’m tiring myself before I get the majority of my farm work done. Anyway, I’m figuring it out – learning tricks and shortcuts.

…raccogliendo rami di ulivo (picking olive branches)

Farm work is hard. I do not attempt to look cute while I’m working, but I do wear cute underwear while I’m doing it. I can barely wave hello since I know I will need to bend down to pick up branches right after the pic is done. But I’m doing it. My body will thank me in about a month.



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