…what do you see?

Here are some of the things I see when I’m out working:

Il cavallo si allontana
This is the entrance from a distance
The pathway from the house

This reminds me of the scene in Gladiator when the young son is running up the path looking for his father Maximus.  That was a great movie!

See these beautifully pruned olive trees? Yeah, I have to pick up all those lovely branches –  ehhh! Vai, vai, go away branches!

Here are some pinecones just sitting around outside the house. Not sure what they will be used for,  but I thought they looked pretty cool.

A beautiful bunch of flowers

I have no idea what type of flower this is,  but I can see it when I sit on the porch. Remember those? Porches? Where people sit? Anyway, I thought they were pretty so I snapped a pic.

I figure I should start paying attention to things around the farm since my run in with the trees and the loft ceiling, so there you go!


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