…I went food shopping again

Yes, back to the supermarket again for more food for whose names I do not know.  Actually, this time it was much easier. Acqua frizzante(6 pack), garlic, and saleNon mi ricordo il zucchero per il mio café, ma domani, io lo pago.  (I forgot the sugar for my coffee, but tomorrow, I will buy)   I am inserting Italian throughout my future posts since I am learning the language. It might be correct, it might not. Its just for me to practice.

Funny experience! I was returning home from the negozio and in Italy, there are huge front doors to most non-commercial buildings. You walk through the front door to a foyer entrance, and usually there is a secondary door con o sin a lock that will give you access to the elevator or stairs to the building.  At the front door, I was trying to enter with my key but having a hard time. Someone was leaving and opened the door while I was working the lock. Thank you! I said to the man leaving. I had 6 bottles of acqua, so that was great timing. He must have forgotten something and he turned back around to walk back to the secondary door right behind me. I pulled out my key and attempted to open the door –more problems! The door wouldn’t open although the key seemed to fit, I yanked on the door, and I’m starting to sweat because I feel like I’m holding this man up from whatever he was doing, and I’m stubborn because I refuse to ask for help because I want to do it myself. I even say, un momento, because any second questa porta will open. Ahhh, I finally gave in and gave up. Dumb door! So this man steps over, and pulls on the door gently and it opened quite easily! In my stubbornness, I overlooked the actual door, I was instead yanking on the gate that it was connected to. I had such a great belly laugh at myself!! He was probably laughing too, but I was so absorbed that I just wanted to get on the elevator before I made myself look even more crazy than I was feeling.

I think I will probably have more similar experiences over the next month. Maybe I will become more comfortable with asking others for help too. We’ll see.

Ciao per adesso!


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