Last Wednesday there was an Italian holiday, which one, I don’t know. Someone told me but I forgot. However, it meant that there were no classes – woohoo! On the other hand, none of the museums were open either. And that meant tons of tourists were everywhere, all over, crowding the streets since it was such a gorgeous day. Hey, I’m a tourist too and I was getting tired of seeing myself in passersbys.

I walked a tremendous amount of pavement. For five straight hours I walked around the city. I didn’t have a particular location in my mind, I just wanted to see what was out there and how close I was to many of the tourist locations. Not that far as I could tell. I walked about 15 minutes and found myself at the front of the Colloseo. Well, dang! If the Colloseo is this close, lets see if I can make it to Via Corso – I need some shoes! Made it to Via Corso, walked the entire length of it – no shoes. I didn’t see one pair that were worth the amount of money that the shops were asking. I wouldn’t mind it if the pair was over $100E, but I better like them. Unfortunately, most of the shoes looked like stylish granny shoes.  No thank you, Via Corso.

Somehow I managed to make my way over to the Trastevere area, or at least I think that’s where I was. I was too stubborn to ask. I crossed the Tevere, and I only know that because I stopped a couple on the bridge and asked them. I’m not always so stubborn.  So, lets just say I was in Trastevere. Lots of people, lots of shops, lots of restaurants. I did see some places that looked like they had stylish shoes in my price range, but of course they were closed.

One negative – I had the worst gelato ever near the Colleseo. Yuuuuuuck! The coffee gelato tasted like no coffee I would ever want again. Boo!! I am going to look up the gelato spot someone highly recommended to me, or may be I’ll just ask my teacher.

I was harassed by a street solicitor. He was attempting to get me to sign up for some ‘noble-cause-of-the-week’.  I told him no grazie, but he persisted, insisting that he was harmless. Ok, well stop trying to get me to sign up for some Italian cause when you know I’m not Italian. You have this in America! Ok, well, I’ll sign up for it there.  I was practically running down the street away from him! Maybe he was ok, but I wasn’t sticking around to find out.

Overall, another pretty good day in the ‘hood.  This past Tuesday there was another holiday, so I’ll be posting my adventures for that day off as well!

Ciao a tutti!


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