…Buddhism is awesome!

I just found out that one of my classmates is SGI. The same one who lives 30 minutes away from me in the States. And she’s staying with some other members in Rome who live in the vicinity of many other practicing members. What?!?! Before I arrived in Italy, I chanted to meet other SGI members in Italy and attend at least two meetings while I’m here. So how great is it that I’ve met another member, who just happens to be in the same class as I? In this huge Catholic city, I find another SGI member in my Italian language class. I will be attending meetings with her and get to see how Italian members practice. Exciting! Now where is that perfect man for me that I’ve been chanting for? I’d like to update my ‘almost-a-couple-status’ to ‘couple’…

Ciao a tutti!


2 thoughts on “…Buddhism is awesome!

  1. Hey Yvette. Just wanted to send you some East Coast love to let you know I’m thinking of you, loving your adventures in Italy and wishing I were there!

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