…Mas or menos

Rome has a big store called Mas, which is near my apartment. The name is correct, they have a lot of things. However, it reminds me of a less selective Big Lots/Value Plus. It smelled like a musty cellar and had a long hallway with old-looking plastic kitsch for sale behind faded clear windows.   There were three floors, with various types of clothes.  Despite my dismay at the selections, I still learned something new.  In Italy the first floor means the floor above ground level.  Good to know, so I won’t waste any more time trying to figure out why I can’t find the shoes on the first floor when I am obviously at ground level.  I was able to purchase a bath towel, automatic lighter and reusable bag.  The bag will definitely come in handy since the local supermarket charges for their plastic bags.  Where the heck is a Target or Walmart when you need one?

I will probably not return, but I’m appreciative of the experience. That sounded a little bougie, didn’t it?

Ciao a tutti!


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