…Luca is my favorite guide

My school offers passiggiato‘s for its students throughout the week. I was encouraged to sign up for them when I first started, but I delayed, and now I wish I had done this earlier.

Today we visited I Musei Capitolini, or rather the area all around it.  Walking behind the Capitoline Museums we rested for a few to take some pics.

This wall is what is left of the Tabularium. If you look above the archways, you can see that the Romans built on top of the already existing wall in later centuries. Preserving history!

Here is another view from behind the museums – you can see the Colloseo in the background. All passiggiato‘s are in Italian, and I do my best to understand what our guide’s are saying. I think I get about 25% of it, and then I ask my more fluent classmates if they were able to get more.  So far, I’ve had Luca and Franchesca as guide’s. However, Luca is my favorite.  He speaks solidly and moderately fast, and I always think that if I close my eyes I will understand more. Franchesca is great too — I really enjoy that she asks questions and really engages us in the learning process. However, I don’t understand her as well as Luca! I wish I did. She speaks fast, and unfortunately, a bit too softly for my non-Italian ears.

I continue to attend the passiggiato‘s without comprehending the majority of the tour because I am immersed in the language and culture. And that’s all I want. I’ll look it up later on the net to figure out what Luca or Franchesca were actually saying.

Ciao a tutti!


2 thoughts on “…Luca is my favorite guide

  1. I wish I could go back to see all you are seeing, but I’ll live vacariously through you and your blog! This is great! Love it!!

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