Month: June 2012

…10 things that make Roma troppo speciale

  1. Leather stores with no websites. Because, yes, you too can only get this leather bag from Italy. So hop a plane, because its not online.
  2. Random water fountains. Not that I would drink from these structures for fear of catching pigeon flu, but its cool to see them randomly appearing as I walk.
  3. Hygienic plastic gloves at the supermarket. I mentioned these in an earlier post. The smartest waste of plastic ever.
  4. Tourist booths. The fact that there are so many historical locations that a city needs tons of tourist booths. BAM! Start learning.
  5. Sink foot pedals. Yet another hygienic idea. Primitive yet perfect. I don’t have to touch the nasty handle that someone else touched who did not wash their hands. Thank you!
  6. Extended hellos and goodbyes.  Ciao, ciao, ciao, baci, baci, baci, come stai, bene? Bene, bene, bene.  Yep – that’s all from one person to someone they’ve just met.
  7. Stovetop espresso makers. I love these damn things. Stainless steel though, not aluminum. I smuggled coffee bricks back to the States, and yep, I just bought one from Ikea a few days ago.
  8. Salmon steak for 3 Euro. Ummm, yeah. The best tasting salmon. Ever.  I seasoned it with only sale grosso and pepe nero, and sauteed it in some olive oil.
  9. Ancient structures in between modern buildings. Because who can fault a city for keeping its history, historical and relevant?
  10. PDA.  I love public displays of affection. Not the kind that makes you wonder if there is a candid camera nearby, but just genuine displays of affection. Its a beautiful thing.