…you is kind, you is smart, and you is impo’tant

…And you is beautiful!

Excuse me, but I need to remind myself of this frequently. Especially when I feel I’m not looking my best. My friends would say that I’m pretty, and pretty confident too. However, even the most confident people deal with insecurities – I can attest to that! I flew 6000 miles out of my comfort zone to live temporarily in a country where English will never be their first language, where people drink water from fountains along the streets (acckk – pigeon flu!), where the culture is different, the systems are strange, and people have so many flowery ways to express themselves.

I have to remind myself of that edited phrase from The Help anytime I’m feeling off-center. During one of my many days in Italy, I hung out with a classmate after class and we had a very nice time in an area of Rome we had never visited before. However, on my return home I was standing in line to purchase a train ticket. I could see that the man at the front of the line was turning around to look in my direction, so I moved over slightly to hide myself behind two guys directly in front of me because he couldn’t possibly be looking at me???  Then the guys directly in front of me turned to stare at me because this guy was looking at me.

Oooh, I don’t feel pretty today, dang-it! Off-center, off-center! All of you, turn around please!

Then, after he purchased his ticket he came over to me and started speaking Italian to me. Like I could understand what he was saying! I should be flattered that he thought I spoke Italian. However, he received the *blank stare*.  Observing him more closely, he started to look awfully familiar for some reason. Then I realized that he was the same guy I mentioned in an earlier post who said bellisima/bella to me while he walked by talking on his cellphone near Roma Termini. Smiles all around, as we recognized each other, and laughed at the connection we made. We even ended up sitting next to each other on the train.

This big city of Rome is not very large at all, in fact, its quite small. (thanks Dr. Seuss) Yay for random wonderful experiences in Roma!

Colorful road in Rome

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