…sorry Luca, Gianna is now my favorite guide…

Ok, I’ve held on to this post for a long time as well. I didn’t want to bump Luca from his prime position, but I must.

Of the three guides from my Italian language school, I must pass the title of favorite to Gianna. No worries, Luca is a very close second. Thisclose.  However Gianna was so easy to understand, I felt like I didn’t need anyone to help me translate. Maybe it was because I prefaced our tour by asking her to explain the sites as if she were talking to a five year old…

We visited an area called EUR in Rome on my last passeggiata. It is an area that was created during the Mussolini era.

The structures here were quite stark and seemed to lack individual character.  Especially compared to the brilliantly intricate structures in the well known parts of the city!

Everything looked so stoic and uptight. We viewed many Mussolini figures as well, and fascist structures that represented his ideology. It was quite interesting and I’m glad that we took this tour.

I highly suggest to anyone considering classes in Italy, to also attend any passeggiate that are offered.  Any extracurricular activity that a school offers, please take. It offers an unfiltered view of the city and you absorb more Italian as you listen to the tour.

Viva di apprendimento!


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