…awww Quentin…you’re (insert expletive here) up now…

Now see, just when I wrote a positive review of your revenge fantasy flick, here I read that there were some Django action figures on the market.


Although I liked Django, I did not like him that much. My child (the one I expect to have in the future and any other children I decide to adopt) will not have a Django action figure. Or action figure of any other such character in the film.

And then I see a pic of Quentin with his hand wrapped along the lower torso of a naked Black woman, on the cover of a magazine I can’t recall at the moment since I saw it in my twitter feed.


Ok, yes, I agree with causing a stir and all, but dang, how many times do I need to see yet another devaluing of Black women in popular culture?? It’s so funny, because I’m writing this after standing in line at a Barnes and Noble, where there is a rack of magazines near the coffeebar. Out of the six magazines, four covers show women smiling, with fitted tops/collared tanks and bikini-esque bottoms, while the Bicyling magazine shows Patrick Dempsey standing next to a bike with layers of clothing on. The last magazine showed a smiling Kate Middleton, wearing a dress that fully covers her body.  So, if I were to analyze my split second perusal of these covers, what it might be telling me covertly is that unless you’re a princess, you better expect to show off your body and as much as skin as possible — no matter how intelligent or talented you are — if you want to be on the cover of this magazine, or *gasp*, valued.

Yes, sex sells. But these magazines assume that heterosexual woman don’t like sex. Or that sex is only represented by the naked woman’s body. I honestly don’t picture another woman when I think about sex, I think about the man! So if sex does sell, why is it that a woman’s perspective of what could be considered sexy is never displayed? Especially when woman make up a majority of the people who actually purchase magazines?

I didn’t expect this to turn in to a sociological review, but that’s what happens when things start popping out at me.  Oh, this has gone on a totally different tangent than I expected, hasn’t it?  Sooo, anyway —

Quentin – get it together! Thank you.


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