…on walking

I don’t. Usually.

Actually I do,  but not on purpose. Quite the opposite of my attitude while I was in Italy – where I would walk all the time, anywhere, anytime.  But not here in America. I always think that there isn’t much to see here, unless I’m at the park.

I just started walking to my local library instead of driving. It’s a nice little 20 minute uphill/downhill walk both ways. Its funny the things you see as you walk, that you automatically ignore when you’re in your car. I noticed this:


And this close up:


I’m getting to know my neighborhood in a whole different way. I’m sure I would have never seen this carved into the sidewalk if I were driving by:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI wonder if John and Lindy are still together?

Its also funny because sometimes I get odd stares when I walk, I guess because most people are only used to seeing teens or the elderly walking along the street. Or maybe they are wondering where I’m headed to. Or why I don’t have a car.

Either way, its good exercise, and as long as I can do it, I will.


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