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…my favorite Roma cafe

Thinking of espresso again today, I want to note that of course I found my favorite coffee spot only a few days before departing Roma last year!

I was supposed to meet an SGI member at Stazione Termini for a morning coffee that day and she stood me up.  Anyway, instead of walking back along my normal route home from Termini, I decided to walk a few blocks out of my way. I ended up going to a cafe and ordered a macchiato and cornetto, but they didn’t put latte in my cafe so I drank it without. I couldn’t remember if a macchiato had latte or not, and I didn’t feel like asking. Anyway, I left there and continued to walk out of my way and came upon the Piazza di Santa Maggiore. Ah, finalmente! The place on my map!

I saw a stylish looking cafe across the street and decided to try this cafe thing one more time. First off, the gentleman at the front greeted me kindly, and in my broken Italian, I asked for a cappuccino. He was very nice and told the barrista what I wanted.  The workers were young and multicultural — it looked like every nationality worked there. I loved it! And they were all very friendly and accommodating – I guess so, since I was the only person at the bar!

Piazza di Santa Maggiore

I never had a chance to return to the cafe before I returned to the states, however, I will stop by again the next time I’m in Rome.

To the city with the best coffee in the world – Ciao Roma!!


…10 things I’ve done so far

  1. Watched how to make sofrito – Italian style.
  2. Ate pizza with a knife and fork.
  3. Strolled through the Mediterranean Sea.

    i miei piedi a Castello Odescalchi
  4. Washed a man’s underwear that were not my boyfriend’s.
  5. Made coffee with a stovetop coffeemaker.
  6. Asked for a small cup of gelato in perfect Italian.   Una coppa piccola per favore, grazie. Caffe, per favore. Grazie mille! Buona serrata! 
  7. Prepared artichokes for dinner.
  8. Poured olive oil on my white rice to eat.
  9. Walked barefoot outside. Outside!!! Barefoot!!!
  10. Bought jeans for the farm off a hodgepodge table at the weekly market for 1€. And they fit.