…just walking around

I really enjoy getting lost in this city. I like finding hidden gems off the beaten path.  Sometimes I don’t find spectacular sights, but I always see something special. The steps whisper a story… someone is/was(?) in love. So strange sometimes to see interesting sites like this as I walk.  I was venturing in the Trastevere area, which is a hugely popular area of Rome. This day was especially nice — warm and sunny and no rain!

I love seeing couples relax on random stairs around the city. It makes me feel like ‘love is all around’ — reminding me of the cold open of the film ‘ Love Actually.

This is an archway leading to who knows where. I was passing and snapped a shot as a car drove through it. Either way, it looks pretty old and now its flanked with modern signage. I wonder how many people have passed through this way since its creation?

Oh! This small, unassuming church is one of the most amazing buildings ever! I did not take pictures inside because I always feel weird and disrespectful taking pictures of deities inside a religious setting. Outside the chiesa, yes, but inside, not so much. However, the archways and ceilings within this structure housed some of the most elaborate sculptures I’ve seen thus far.  It is cavernous; and at each point (maybe eight) at least four or five full sized detailed sculptures — just hanging around. I didn’t even walk inside completely, I just stood near the entrance. The sculptures stopped me suddenly — it was so breathtakingly beautiful!

I love doors. Or maybe just doors in Italy. The door above is not so elaborate, but it has presence. A huge doorknob and raised metal at the bottom.   It says “I might let you in, but we’ll see”.  It has weight, it has foundation – this is a real door. I will have a door similar to this when I build my own home.

Hey…I just liked how this looked. I wish all back alleys had this much character.

Someone forgot their ball…

Change one letter and its literally a new language. In this Italian word there are more similar letters to English than not. Maybe we’re not so different?

Ending with a view of the main piazza…to many more eventful walks ahead!

Ciao a tutti!


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